Top 3 Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective, Unique Green Gift Ideas

Everyone and their cat wants to go green. And why not? You save money, energy and the depleting resources of your planet. You can buy anything green today – from an eco friendly christmas tree to soup nuts to a green baby bottle holder.
Being eco-friendly has also given rise to green gifts – gifts that don’t hurt the environment and are unique and sometimes quite fun to have!
Plus green gifts have the added benefit of motivating others to go green as well. But people sometimes complain that eco-friendly gifts are hard to find and cost quite a penny.

That shouldn’t be an issue as we have charted out a list of green gifts that are cost effective and very useful.

Read on.

1. Flip Flop DoormatsYou could not be more responsible than this – recycled doormats made out of re-purposed flip flops that look really really cool! Perfect for draining water and wiping off dirt, these doormats make a pretty unique gift for a special green person in your life.

2. Fabric Shopping Bags

Reusable bags are useful and some chic designs makes carrying them trendy too. Some green fabric bags fold into their own pockets and look like a sack. You can store one in your bag or denim pocket and whip it out whenever you need to carry items like books or groceries – you get the idea.

3. Ecosystem in a Glass Globe

Talk about the coolest eco-friendly gift ever! A glass globe containing an entire ecosystem that lasts for 2-7 years. The shrimp consume the microorganisms in the sea water, while the algae and bacteria make them grow again. Everything is perfectly balanced in this very unique gift.